IMG_0068Dr. Jarret Welsh
Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

I am dedicated to the health and well-being of my patients, friends and family. Through my knowledge of the newest and latest techniques, I vow to give my patients 110% and most importantly my TIME.

As a child and young adult, I had the pleasure of playing many competitive sports such as hockey, soccer, football, baseball and dirtbike riding to name a few. As you could imagine I suffered my fair share of injuries. I would go to the doctor only to have him send me home with a prescription and a suggestion to stop activity for a certain allotted amount of time. I never really understood what was wrong with me or how I could help myself get better, and more importantly, faster. I wanted to know why I couldn’t participate in certain activities, activities that I loved to do so much. Perhaps if I would have known the repercussions I was to incur later in life, I may have been more likely to cooperate, and stay off the injury. I could have made an educated decision. From that day on, I made a vow to myself; if I ever got into the medical field I would educate my patients on their particular condition, and give them the TIME, ATTENTION and most importantly the knowledge of their condition so they may be able to make an educated decision for themselves to improve their own quality of life.

Still active in many athletics such as; soccer, dirt bike riding, surfing, jet skiing, exercising, and mountain biking. I bring a “players” insight into fitness and health. I understand what it means to be part of a TEAM and what it takes to work together to accomplish a common goal. My patients and I are a TEAM, and together we will travel the road to achieve optimal health and well being.